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Formerly Grades 7, 8 and 9 or Grassroot Referees

In order to re-certify, you will complete the Referee recertification course online through US Soccer’s Learning Center.



1. Complete 40 Adult Level games (25 Center, 15 ARs).

2. Pass a Regional Referee Fitness Exam (Requirements Below).

3. Have been a Referee (formerly "Grassroots Referee") for 3 years.

4. Are over the age of 18.  

5. Pass three (3) qualifying assessments. A qualifying assessment is the highest level youth game (U-19), or an adult match. The match must be 45-minutes long. See guidelines below on requesting an assessment. 

Regional Referee Certification Fitness Test

Part 1: Sprints

  • Participants run six consecutive 40 meter sprints (30 meter sprints for Assistant Referees) followed by a recovery period after each sprint (while walking back to the start line)

  • Dynamic start with the front foot on a line that is 1.5 meters away from the electronic timing gates at the starting position

  • If a participant falls or trips, they are allowed another attempt at that specific sprint

  • If a participant fails one sprint out of the six, they are given one more attempt immediately after the sixth sprint

  • If a participant fails two sprints, they fail the test

Part 2: Intervals

  • Participants run a total of ten consecutive laps around a standard track.

  • A lap consists of four 75 meter runs with four 25 meter recovery walks.

    • Starts with running 75 meters in the prescribed time.

    • Followed by walking 25 meters in the prescribed time.

    • This process is repeated to complete one lap.

  • Walking area is marked by cones 3 meters on each side of the 75 meter marks.

  • If a participant fails to reach the walking area in the prescribed time, they are issued a warning.

  • If a participant fails to reach the walking area for a second time, they fail the test.


  • Male – Category 1

    • Sprints: 6.4 Seconds x 6 Sprints at 40 Meters

    • Intervals: 17s per 75m Run, 20s per 25m Walk x 10 Laps

  • Female – Category 3

    • Sprints: 6.6 Seconds x 6 Sprints at 40 Meters

    • Intervals: 17s per 75m Run, 24s per 25m Walk x 10 Laps


  • The time between the sprint test and interval test should be approximately 10 minutes

Requesting an Assessment (Form linked here and in "Links")


Please fill out this form to request an assessment. At the time of request, payment is required. The amount varies on whether you are requesting a Development and Guidance assessment (D&G) or an Assessment for Upgrade. The form will be reviewed by Jack Houston, Director of Upgrades, and an assessor will be assigned. 

See below on further guidance and information from US Soccer on the Process to Request an Evaluation.

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